Academic Publications

  1. Focus – The Driver for Entrepreneurs Energy
  2. A Practical Framework of Teaching
  3. New Business Growth Model
  4. Human Competence Valuation:
    December 2006, published by Tolani Institute of Management Studies at the National Conference on Management
  5. Real Options – Novel Idea for Valuation:
    July – December 2003, published in the Management and Accounting Research Journal, published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  6. Simple Tools to Add Value to SMEs:
    April – May 2005, published in Samanvaya, a magazine published by Baroda Management Association
  7. Understanding is The Key
  8. Where there is no will, Is there a Way?:
    April 2013, published by Ivey Publishing of Richard Ivey School of Business, jointly published with Prof. Rajiv Agarwal
  9. Some Thoughts on Induction of Next Generation in Family Business:
    December 2011, published in India Inc. Magazine
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